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Introduction: Dana Kalinowski is a free-lance fashion stylist and image consultant, Vice President at Fashion Circuit Series specializing in campaign, fashion editorial, education and personal shopping experience. Her education is chemistry, in which she is actively involved. She is called Fashion Chemist. Her motto is “The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing”.

Her biggest passion is folk, especially highlander culture, people, music and their experiences. It goes way back to her childhood; she is a native from Zakopane, Poland and often visits her homeland for inspiration and new ideas.

Her work has been featured several times in Vogue Italia and other well-known publications. Her goal is to inspire people, believe in their dreams and to define their beauty, confidence and passion about themselves through art. She strives to create beautiful and powerful images, strong bond with clients for astonishing results and satisfaction. Constantly has an eye on fashion, flare for detail, passion and desire.

Folk Tales is the first but not the last editorial feature she will be doing. I want to introduce Polish culture, embrace the beauty of generations through my eye. She put together a team of passionate and talented Polish individuals, living in Canada, who like her love to create and are passionate about it.

Photographer: Wioletta Suska @suskaphotography mother and very talented photographer, captures beauty through her lens like no other. She works with many different aspect of the industry, editorial and commercial to individual portraits. Her work is recognized by so many, especially in huge Polish community of Toronto and also through GTA.

Makeup: Kasia Kudzma @elementsspa, mother, yoga teacher and beauty and spirituality queen. Perfectionists, her work is always flawless, capturing the best features of the models.

Hair: Iwona Mirzynska @ivana_hair_design, mother and hair design specialist. She knows her game, very passionate about the hair design and her vision.

Models: Joanna Rossa @joanna_rossa and Paisley Gerrits @paisleymst.onge, stunning models, beauty within, professional, who I had a pleasure to work with throughout many years from editorials features to runways.