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Sailors have always told tales of their voyages. This is the tale of the next generation and beyond.

Sierra is a second-generation Polish girl growing up in Canada who spends summers sailing Lake Ontario with her immigrant grandfather. In this story of home, family and passing the torch from one generation to the next, the two set sail for what could be their last voyage together.

Announcement this August

This coming-of-age story is inspired by my father-in-law Lucjan Modzynski, who’s love and passion for sailing has been handed down to his son, my wife and myself. It is on his and other sailboats that I too found my passion for the art form of sailing. Listening
to countless stories Lucjan told us about his lifelong experiences at sea had such an epicness to it that I was inspired as a filmmaker and storyteller to make this film.
This film is a testament to his skillset as a sailor and how he was able to charter the journey this boat made
to various locations across Lake Ontario, keeping the crew safe and assisting me with meeting the shooting deadlines. As a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Lucjan stood not only behind the camera but in front of it and gave a performance that was everything a filmmaker could want.

Adam Benish was born on November 30th 1984 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is an Assistant Director & Producer known for Awake (2020), Spotlight (2015) & Manhattan Project (2019). Adam studied Film & Theatre at McMaster University where he fused his two passions of The Arts & Olympic Wrestling for his thesis performance
‘Furious’, a musical about a gay professional wrestler, while completing his Honours B.A. In 2019 Adam produced Manhattan Project (2019) in Madawaska Valley, this passion project allowed Adam to produce his first film in the region his family ascended from.

HOLDOUT (Short) 2020. PALE MOONLIGHT (Short)
MEATSHOP (Short) 2011. VOYEUR (Short)

Lucjan Modzynski was born in Toruń, Poland in 1945. Raised in Szczecin, Poland by the Baltic Sea, he grew up sailing as a teen and young man, and
has been an avid sailor all his life. In 1978 Lucjan emigrated from Poland to Toronto, Canada. Lucjan built a career
in the wines & spirits industry for over four decades working in many regions
of Canada. Lucjan is now semi-retired, living in Cambridge, Ontario still happily married over 40 years later, and enjoys getting out on his sailboat My Dearest Esmeralda whenever possible.

Stephanie Jaskot is an actress based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Originally from Europe (Poland), she moved to Canada in January 2017 after receiving her Master Degree from Drama Academy of Acting in Krakow, Poland. She started as a pianist slowly transitioning her career into theatre, film&TV acting. She has been working consistently as an artist and creator, developing her own projects as well as collaborating with other artists in Canada.