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From The Publisher
For over two years, the Polish church in Toronto is a subject of hate crime acts including a continuous breaking the historic stained glass windows.
A Polonez News Canada photographer has recorded the most recent event. The church windows have been reinforced but still suffered a damage.
In addition, a member of the congregation had been hurt while trying to stop the robbery of the offerings in July of 2020 from this church during a Sunday mass.
The first Polish Roman Catholic Church located in Downtown Toronto and named after St. Stanislaus Kostka was established on April 15th 1911 after a generous gift from Eugene O’Keefe and his daughter Helena McLean French to the Polish immigrants.
Polish people are very well mannered but this time it is important to join the ranks of Canadian Jewish and Muslim brothers in faith to announce that the Polish Catholics are also victims of hate crime in the Great Country of Canada.
It is a moral and professional duty for the Press to report such an act to all Canadians so we’ll make sure that our leaders of public life, including the Prime Minister, the Premier of Ontario, and Chief of Toronto Police Services be made aware.
If you are a concerned reader and believe that we should address this matter, please send your letter to: The Publisher, Polonez News Canada – 2000 Dundas St, West, Toronto ON M6R 1W6.
Marek J. D. Goldyn