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Fashion Circuit Series Inc.

Leslie Zurek-Silvestri

Fashion Circuit Series Inc. is a nonprofit organization that works with talent in the FASHION and ARTS industry to help support their creative EXPRESSION. We invite all to discover the world of fashion, the freedom of creativity combined with the studious focus therein- the masters, the pioneers, the rule-breakers and trendsetters and how it all entices the senses and broadens the mind to possibilities of expression. Our annual spectacular showcase entertains citizens from Mississauga and beyond to come together with us to celebrate Fashion and the Arts and express themselves through their various genres. We take pride in working with our local and international community bringing in tourism and promoting art from our indigenous community and countries around the globe within our living, working and leisure space.

Our team of professionals and volunteers are excited to empower local artists through installation showcases, runway and performance art.

Mississauga is the 6th largest city in Canada, a hub for diversity, culture, and arts. In 2020 we were so happy to have presented at the Historic Small Arms Inspection Building in the Lakeview Community a series of virtual presentations.This beautiful area provides the public with the opportunity for enrichment via spaces created to engage its people with many forms of art. This 15,000 square foot space adorned bright white will once again be transformed in a colorful haven dedicated to showcasing many designs with multiple academic institutions with various programs. We specialize in the academic growth of fashion and creative design, make-up artistry, hair, theatre, dance, visual and media art graphic and architectural design.

FASHION CIRCUIT SERIES INC. has a proven track record of success in combining fashion, art and philanthropy. We aim to support and engage the public with the help of the many talented youth and adults with whom we share a love for creativity. We are a proud member of Mississauga Arts Council. Our community celebrity walk is always fun and entertaining bringing out those that will dare make their way down the 60 foot catwalk in support of mental health. We continue our fundraising and awareness campaign supporting Trillium Health Partners mental health programs and PROJECT NOW.

In 2021 we look to present a fashion presentation bringing together our international community.WE ARE FASHION as we all come together post pandemic, we aim to dialogue about how the fashion and arts community move forward in the future.

Leslie Zurek-Silvestri